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Ever since I began working for Hussmann, I have been in charge of the creation of learning modules for our LMS system.  Part of this was taking an existing PowerPoint presentation and “mashing” it with audio to create a viewable online presentation.  After doing this for a few small modules, I wanted to take something I was given, and make it “mine.”

I was tasked with creating a HIPAA module.  My parameters were that the information could not be changed, but I was at liberty to “make it interesting.”  I used the original PowerPoint as inspiration, because I knew the information itself was valid, and I actually liked the way some of the slides were laid out.  But, I sourced out different images that conveyed the same meaning, created a standard “look” throughout the slides, and, most importantly to me, created some interactive learning checkpoints.  I did not want to depend on a quiz at the end of the lesson; instead I looked towards the educational models that rely on questioning throughout for comprehension checks.